Capable of both weighing and dynamic load monitoring, the Radiolink Plus is designed with an unrivalled weight to strength ratio and the IP67 rating makes this dynamometer suitable for use in the harshest environments. The real benefits however, lie in the wireless technology built into all Straightpoint wireless load cells and shackles.  Their wireless technology has a range of 700mtr and can easily run at speeds of 200Hz allowing data from the load cell to be transferred to a wireless handheld controller or integrated with various software packages loaded on a pc or laptop.

Current software products include:

  • Multi loadcell control and datalogging for up to 100 wireless load cells
  • Wireless centre of gravity systems
  • Proof test plus for load verification and proof testing

The multi load cell control displays a table with live data from up to 100 wireless units simultaneously. Channels can be setup with user defined mathematical functions that can be used to calculate a multitude of results during a lift or test.

The centre of gravity system allows for the monitoring of individual load points in real-time and the determination of the dynamic centre of gravity of large and heavy structures using multi-arrays of compression load cells. The system can weigh and calculate the centre of gravity for objects and structures anywhere from 20t – 4000t.

The latest edition to the range, Proof test plus software enables an inspector to monitor a non-destructive load verification or proof test, at a safe distance. Test data can be printed out directly as a PDF report or electronically transmitted and stored along with a certificate of test. It’s possible for an inspector to complete a load test on a crane and produce the certificate while still on site, email this to the customer. Which enables the crane to be operational again, with little downtime.

With Straightpoint products, Anchor is able to offer solution based systems for the ever increasing complexity of load monitoring requirements.

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