When lifting and turning loads the working load limit of a lifting point will be significantly reduced when the force is excerpted laterally across the plain of that point.

Here’re 5 reasons to change to Codipro rotating lifting points:

  1. the rotational movement allows the lifting point to line up perfectly with the sling which prevents lateral loading
  2. the lifting point is tightened using an allen key so won’t accidentally unscrew
  3. the rotating lifting point allows the rigger to lift and turn the load simultaneously
  4. double swivel shackles can rotate in 2 planes – 360 degrees in the horizontal and 180 degrees in the vertical
  5. the larger capacities exceed those offered by conventional lifting points

Codipro lifting points can be customised to your exact application, from extended length threads to female or stainless steel versions.

Anchor has the equipment for your lifting requirement.

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