Mooring Equipment Rental

  • offshore anchors and chains
  • surface and subsurface buoyancy modules
  • pennant wires
  • large capacity shackles
  • mooring fittings
  • pneumatic fenders

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  • hydraulic spooling units with 40 t, 80 t, 85 t and 150 t carrying capacity
  • on-site spooling teams
  • constant tension units for installation and reeving of wire rope

Provision of Rigging Lofts

  • fully stocked on-site rigging lofts
  • provision of central service point and central hire store

Rental of Testing Equipment

  • water bags
  • fixed weights
  • load cells and load shackles
  • wire rope NDT machine

Mooring Consulting

  • management of equipment
  • mooring design