• Alloy bow and dee shackle
  • Heavy duty bow shackle H10 type
  • Heavy duty dee shackle H11 type
  • Sling protector shackle H14 type
  • Commercial shackle
  • Large dee shackle

Spelter sockets

  • Open spelter socket
  • Closed spelter socket
  • CR spelter socket
  • CR swivel socket
  • Open wedge socket
  • CR-D swivel
  • Wirelock resin

Lifting points, rotating

  • Swivel Eye Bolt (SEB)
  • Double Swivel Ring (DSR)
  • Double Swivel Shackle (DSS)
  • Giga DSS
  • Mega DSS
  • Triple Swivel Ring (TSR)
  • Customised Rotating Lifting Points

Lifting points, non-rotating

  • Drop forged eye bolt and eye nut
  • Stainless steel eye bolt and eye nut
  • Weldable lifting point

Other hardware

  • Carabine hook
  • Quick link
  • Rigging screw
  • Turnbuckle
  • Closed body swivel SW1 type
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