For more than 40 years, Codipro has designed and manufactured patented safety swivel lifting rings and together with their South African distributor, Anchor Industries is proud to announce their latest innovation, CODITRACER.

This online tool significantly improves the customer’s ability to track and trace each lifting ring in every step of its life, from the raw materials used in the production, to the assembly of the ring, to its distribution and most importantly during its use.

Developed using blockchain technology for added security and to prevent forgery, CODITRACER offers a platform for customers to be able to login and download product specific information, technical sheets and the certificate of conformity for each ring purchased. The mobile app can be downloaded for IOS and Android devices, giving the user access to critical information from site.

Codipro has also announced that all new lifting points supplied after July 2020 will come standard with a 7 year warranty against defects and to comply with the environment directive 2018/52, all plastic has been eliminated from the packaging of the products.

“We’re very proud to be associated with this innovative new offering from Codipro,”explains Nick Raubenheimer, Anchor’s Johannesburg Branch Manager. “We believe this separates their rotating lifting points from our competitors and helps to make the industry safer by providing the information the customer requires 24/7.”

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