Having successfully completed the supply of the first 12 containers of 89mm R3S studless chain for the change out of SAPREF’s single buoy mooring (SBM) in Durban in March of 2020, Anchor has been awarded a second order for the remaining chain and fittings.

“Last year’s order was particularly challenging given the lockdown restrictions in South Africa and Korea and the tight timelines we were expected to deliver the chain in,” explains Dale Hutcheson Managing Director. “Accounting for 80% of all crude oil imports into South Africa, this SBM is strategically very important to the economy, so taking this offline to replace the mooring chains and anchors presented a significant risk to SAPREF as they wouldn’t be able to refine fuel without a constant supply of the imported crude oil.”

This second order comes off the back of a comprehensive visual inspection conducted by Anchor staff on the replaced chain, which highlighted extensive inter-link wear and microbial damaged to sections of the chain. Based on these results, SAPREF decided that the replacement of the remainder of the mooring chain was necessary.

Hutcheson adds,”I’m very proud to say that we were able to hit every delivery target and quality assessment agreed upon in the first order and I think that played a large part in Anchor being able to secure this second contract.”

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