Anchor recently completed a large spooling contract for Swire on board the Seabed Constructor. “The vessel picked up a problem with the wire rope on their knuckle boom crane which required the spooling off of 3000m x 100mm Redaelli non-rotating wire rope, working the bird’s nest out of the rope and then spooling the wire back under tension,” explained Tyrone Tilley, National Services Manager. “This wire weighed in excess of 150 tons and required us to specially adapt an existing steel reel to accommodate the weight and the strain of the 10 ton back tension required. I’m very proud of my team working 24 hour shifts to get the job done in 3 days, without any major problems despite the size and weight of this wire rope”, continues Tilley.

Anchor maintains a fleet of hydraulic and pneumatic spooling units capable of completing similar jobs by combining best practice with quality equipment and expert know-how to support your project at any given location.

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