At Anchor we not only believe that our industry accreditations provide customers with a sense of confidence in our products and services, but also think that the audit process affords us an opportunity to improve and learn from others. So when it can to the renewal of our training accreditation we were very eager to see how we were matching up to the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Seta’s (MERSETA) demands for their training providers.

We’re very happy to state that Anchor has once again been approved to offer our Basic Rigging Training as per SAQA ID No. 14706 with the lead auditor stating, “congratulations on your achievement and thank-you for your high level of commitment and professionalism”.

Anchor’s 5-day course combines theoretical study, practical exercises and industry videos to teach students about the statutory requirements, general safety and safe use of lifting tackle, machines and lifting operations and also provides basic slinging and hitching skills. In a safety critical environment these skills are essential for the lifting and moving of heavy loads.

Click here to view 2017 course dates or gain more information on the course content and student requirements.

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