ChainSafe is a Bluetooth wireless tension load cell capable of load monitoring of capacities up to 4te. Specifically designed for use along the length of the chain with an array of interchangeable end fittings for applications where chain slings, chain lashing and tie downs are used in industries such as transportation.

“This innovative, new product from Straightpoint allows the user to measure the tension in a chain leg from up to 100m away with bluetooth wireless connection to a smartphone with the free mobile app,” explains Peter Minnaar, Anchor’s Operations Director. “The app will also allow the operator to log data versus time or on events such as over or underload and the adjustable alarm will alert the operator on their smartphone if any overload is occuring,” continues Minnaar. “We think this will provide extra safety to an industry where we see a lot of damaged equipment due to over tensioning.”

Applications                                                                                                                                   View ChainSafe brochure

  • lashing
  • load securing
  • tie downs
  • transportation
  • small cranes, chain sling legs
  • towing chains
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