What do you do when you have a power generating ship, measuring 158mtr long and 29mtr wide docking in a southern African port in 2 weeks time and you don’t have enough mooring equipment on board? This was the scenario facing Turkish company, Karadeniz in  2016 when they contacted Anchor for help.

The Karadeniz Powership Irem Sultan, a powership capable of generating 111 megawatts was due into Nacala, Mozambique in March 2016 to start a 2 year contract of supplying electricity to northern Mozambique and land-locked Zambia, but didn’t have enough mooring equipment for the project. “When we received the enquiry we were quite surprised that the owners had left it so late to look for such a large quantity of equipment but also knew that with our extensive range of stud link chain and fittings, we’d be able to provide a solution,” explains Gary Ousman, Durban branch manager. “Once we’d examined the mooring plan we calculated that the ship would require 1788mtr of chain in sizes from 60mm up to 76mm. Marine chain is supplied in 27.5mtr lengths which makes loading and transportation easier, so a fleet of trucks was contracted to move the 190 tons to Mozambique. After the load out in Durban, we flew up to Nacala to ensure the chain was offloaded safely, connected correctly and that each length was installed exactly as planned, 2 weeks of hard work in hot, humid conditions,” continues Ousman.

Working within tight timeframes and providing a diverse range of products and services is exactly what Anchor does when it says it is the partner you can trust to support your project at any given location.

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